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Originally Posted by ITS ME DAVID View Post
Your sayi f the devo 10 with deviation can only fly v911 and sib ? It's my understanding it can only fly those with the tx module installed into the devo tx and with deviation the devo 10 can pretty much fly all helis ? Including blade,v911 and sibs and spektrum
I don't know if you're quoting me or not, but the Devo 10 can only fly devo protocol (use by Walkera, Exceed and probably others) craft with the stock firmware. If you install DeviationTx (an open source firmware) it can then also fly DSM* (used by Blade, eFlite, Parkzone, and others) and a Nine Eagles protocols. If you then mod the hardware by adding the tx module from a v911 transmitter, you can then use the flysky protocol, which gets you the v911 and it's most immediate sibs. It will not be able to fly things like the v922 and v202. The Devo 10 does telemetry with the devo protocol.

The 9x and clones uses a plugin Tx module. The most popular ones come with a FlySky module, so it will fly anything the Devo 10 + v911 module will fly out of the box. With one of the open source software choices, you can put in a DSM module - either as a plugin, or by yanking it out of a Blade "toy" controller - and then fly all the DSM protocol craft. Unlike the Devo 10, you can get a full-range transmitter for the plugin protocol this way. Getting telemetry requires further modding of the hardware, and uses the FlySky telemetry protocols. The 9x with an HT8 module will bind to the v922, though flying it is still a work in progress.

Even though I use a t9x (or two), I'd buy the Devo 10 if I were starting out and didn't mind spending three times as much for it. The better hardware makes it well worth the extra cost.

Alternatively, there is beta support for the Devo 7e in the latest builds of DeviantTx. That's in the same price range as the t9x, but appears to be a "low power" Tx, and doesn't have controls for much beyond basic flying.
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