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This below as WRONG.... as it is a 2970 motor in the 10blade 4S. Which is a very good motor size... and needed to fit the windings that can do 80A+ to get 1200w with 4S.
So it is a 1200w capable motor. (but still would not be happy doing that max long term. eg all flight etc).
You could still not use 5S.
(I was thinking of the 4S 5 blade DPS with all the numbers - it uses a 2850 1000w motor)

LOL, you wouldn't run 85A for 1 minute, let alone all day long.....

A 2850 (or 2950) is typically a 1000W motor. Your claim is for near 1200W
1000w at 4S (14.8v) is 67Amps. That is all they are rated for.
But they can be run higher than that, for peaks, short runs.... like 80A or your 85A area.
It is over the specs of the windings and may or may not last long. That is up to luck of the ambient temp... the real winding temp of that run (came from a lot cooler, or not... or how long it ran etc etc).
But basically, you are in the region of frying it and pure luck if you do or don't.
No technical merit, just luck.
If you choose to risk it, and the loss of the motor cost ($50 approx) then fine.
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