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Originally Posted by m_ark View Post
More KV means faster spinning more for the same number of volts, but there are more factors than how fast the motor spins. For example, number of blades on the rotor - some people in this thread have "unloaded" the stock fan by cutting 3 alternate blades off.

Motor power is a combination of RPM and torque. In the ducted fan design, slower turning motors like 2000kv may be run on more cells (like 4 or 6) so that's more volts, less amps. Faster turning motors like 5000kv are usually designed to run on fewer cells such as 3. (comparably less volts, more amps)
There even exist motors with ratings like 13500kv designed to run on 1 cell, or 12,000kv designed for 2 cells.
Peter you talk allot, and have all sort of info but the proof is in the pudding I haven't seen any Video of your planes
you say ##They are a very nice fan unit. A good motor. Plus a good price at least from HK. But you don't really want to fry and ruin one for nothing! So I wouldn't advise hitting numbers over that 80Amps area for very long at all, and preferably never ####

I Have been running that fan on 4s pulling 85 amps for over 50 flights I have seen no loss of performance at all
So in my book this fan can handle 85 amps all day long
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