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Originally Posted by ganobile View Post
Hi all,

I'm building one Top Flite giant P47.
I have the jr R921X receiver and I thinking in to use this configuration:

throttle =(1) JR ds821
aileron = Y-Harness, Heavy-Duty using 2 JR DS8231
elevator + aux2 channnel (mixed mode) -> JR DS8411 - 1 servo for channel
rudder + aux3 channnel (mixed mode) -> JR DS8411 - 1 servo for channel
gear = JR-PS368BB
aux1 (Flap) = Y-Harness, Heavy-Duty using 2 JR DS8231
aux4 = auxiliar batt
Batt = 2X JR Receiver 4.8V Pack 2500mah NiMH (for redundancy)

Is safe to use 2 servos DS8231 at the same channel?

Is the receiver R921X Strong enough to manager (4)JR DS8231 and (4)JR DS8411 without power box?

What do you think about it?

I'm choosing (4) JR DS8231 and (4) JR DS8411 and not (8)JR DS8411 because I'm not sure I can use two JR DS8411 in the same channel (aileron for example).

I want to user 4.8V batteries because I think is not necessary use the maximun of the servos power on warbird plane.

suggestions are appreciated!

Many Thanks!
Do you still have the owners manual to the R921X receiver? Look at the topic about "Power Requirements". They are pretty much telling you that you should be using a power source that NEVER drops below 4.8 volts with the servos under a real load. Even tho the voltage cutoff is 3.5 volts JR wants you to stay above 4.8 as a minimum! If this was my large scale P-47 I would never even consider using 4.8 volt battery packs in a 2.4 GHz system! You are leaving yourself with practically no safety cushion. Look at all of the high torque servos you are running. Even in my smaller planes I use 6 volt battery packs for very real safety reasons. BTW, the receiver can handle the servos easily, it's the batteries that you are going to use that are the weak link.
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