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Originally Posted by porcia83 View Post
Can you stop for a minute and consider how long a company would be in business if they just replaced items "stolen" of gave stuff away at cost when it had NOTHING to do with their service?
I think you need to recalibrate your low standards for e-tailers. A good e-tailer will replace items that are stolen. For example, if I buy something from Amazon and it was stolen from my porch they would apologize and send another one, not tell me it's my fault and accuse me of lying to them trying to rip them off.

Value Hobby chose to use the absolute cheapest shipment method possible. That method creates an inherent risk of this problem happening. They chose to ship without insurance. I didn't wave it or refuse to pay extra for it. They chose to ship without requiring a signature. I didn't refuse to pay extra for it. At no point during the checkout process was I aware that my orders were being treated in this manner. If a company chooses to cut costs and play the odds they should be willing to step and eat the cost when there's a loss to keep a customer happy.

Had I paid with a credit card instead of PayPal I could file a dispute and Value Hobby would lose because they can't show I received the item (with a signature). I paid for the item and I didn't get it. It's pretty plain and simple. In the eyes of the credit card company, the onus of getting the product into my hands ultimately falls on the vendor. Unfortunately PayPal doesn't care and only requires they show that something was "delivered" (not even caring what it is), not that I received it. So, Value Hobby gets lucky this time in the short term financially, loses a customer for life, and gains some negative publicity.
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