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Folks, I have been hunting now for a few days to find a video or a detailed description of setting up the swatch plate and pitch for the Mini. I mean, setting it up all the way from the beginning. Here is my issue. One of my Mini's got banged up and the collar on the shaft moved thus pushing the main gear down. Now the swatch plate and the pitch are all over the place, the heli spins up but there is no lift so clearly it is the set-up ( I hope). I compared it with another of my Minis and the when I power up both of them, then looking at the links, the swatch plate and the pitch of the blades they are now totally different. So I need to start of at ground zero. And that is the step I can not find. Here is the question I can not find the answer to. What is the FIRST thing you do when you need to make these adjustments. For instance, should all the servo arms be up or down or half way or set by just letting the heli power up and put on a horizontal surface to let it " determine what horizontal means". and use that as the basis. Then, how do you set the swash plate ( is that using all 3 links or just the two on the back of the heli) what to look for, how to measure etc. And finally, when the swash plate is level, how to level the pitch. BTW I watched one of the video's that suggested that, if the pitch is out ( with level swash plate) you have to lower or raise the swash plate to get the blades level ( pitch ZERO I guess). SO then you are back to leveling the swash plate . How do you determine and how to you fix that issue ( order of things in which to approach the fix) . As you can see, lots of questions and no answers. And, BTW it does not help that the components on the Mini are SO TINY :-)
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