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Originally Posted by notlkk View Post
I'm curious to see if other people on this board have the same setup as mine and what their PID values are. I have trouble finding a good set of values to flight my quad. The current values are:

Roll: 3.2 0.03 3
Pitch: 3.2 0.03 3
Level: 3.6 0.01 5

The quad seems to be stable but it's sluggish. If I try to increase P to 4 or 5 it starts to oscillate a little and if I increase D it seems to circle a bit.

I've been struggling with these values for too long and I'm a little tired. My stm32 MMC10 board seemed to fly better than this despite the infamous drift issue but I never expected it to have a perfect hovering behavior like my Naza. But this Multiwii, I can only say so far I'm not impressed at all.
how is your board mounted??are you running the low pass filters??

my dji f450 flies great ,heres my pid values

roll p- 3.5
i- .026

pitch p- 3.5
i- .026
d- 23

yaw p- 8.5 yaw rate .50
i- .045
d- 0

level p- 7.0
i- .010
i have my rc rate at like 90 or 100 and very little if any expo .mine was setup for me and its been great with these settings . good luck
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