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Just FYI, most, if not all, I can't be sure, RTF (Ready To Fly) 3 channel airplanes that use rudder and elevator control surfaces have them on the same stick, and in the U.S. that is typically the right stick with the throttle control on the left, which is also known as Mode 2. Therefore, your best bet to prepare for your "wing" with elevon control which will also have both elevator and aileron on the right stick is to plug your rudder servo on your Albatross or Pelican or whatever it is you're building into the aileron channel on your reciever then you will have X, Y and Z direction control on the right stick just like the wing will have when you get there. There are some who insist that the rudder goes on the throttle stick even if you're only running 3 channels, but since you plan to move to a wing next, you will be better served to use the aileron channel for the rudder for this build.
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