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I would like to edit this post so it does not violate any rules but I do not see anything wrong with it.
I don't believe this warning is valid but I would rather edit it than take a chance appealing a 3 point warning.
Please explain just this small part of your comment:
A single negative review in the right place is always ok.- Does this mean I can no longer post in the HK forum because I already posted more than once or does it mean members are only allowed to post Pro-HK comments? The extremely Pro-HK members are allowed to post unlimited positive reviews. They are allowed to stalk me and make repeated confrontational posts in an effort to discredit me or to elicit an emotional response but that activity is ignored by the Mods. This is a form of trolling. (YES IT HAS BEEN REPORTED as you know), Surely my occasional negative post is negated by the barrage of replies designed to discredit me EVERY time I post. I ignore them but they just can't ignore me.
There are several Hundred negative HK threads in that forum. I don't post reviews, I reply to other members posts and I am usually on topic.
Am I allowed to post in the HK forum like everyone else or have I exceeded my One post limit? Please answer these simple questions to avoid future problems.

All BS aside. I understand that HK is a very large advertiser on RCG and you don't like that my comments in these threads highlight the known problems at HK. The "Complaints Department" thread with all it's rule violating Pro-HK fanatics over at the HK Forum has finally been Shut Down but now it has been reborn at RCG. The only difference is that at RCG the Mods don't take part in the attacks they just allow them. Please clean up the mess in the HK forum or shut it down. Be fair and impartial to all members. Don't allow a few members to stalk and Flame other membes it is a "form of trolling".
I thought RCG doesn't allow a confrontational debate style.
"Please remember that RCGroups believes strongly in protecting the dignity of its users and a confrontational debate style is not welcome here."
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