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Originally Posted by AlexnderH View Post
JussiH, what is the L1 adaptive controller?

I've been looking at purchasing the autoquad controller for a quad build, but if there is an updated version coming out then I'll hold off...or is it just new firmware?
In very basic terms it is an adaptive control algorithm that adapts to actual flight conditions. Meaning that when the copter gets hit by a gust, the controller adapts to the new condition in 1/100 of a second and agressively compensates, while still keeping things smooth - I can fly my copter and make videos with it in very high wind - I flew it today in 12-14 m/s wind and you hardly can see it in the video. The PID controller can handle the same kind of flight conditions (if properly tuned), but it wont be as smooth in the reaction to gusts and changing flight conditions.

L1 is in part based on closed source from other parties, so IF it is ever released it will have its own license tied to the controller serial number and a fee associated. It wont ever make it into the public branch of the source code.

I want to make absolute clear that AQ with PID is still outperforming anything in the current market, and is simply the most stable controller available currently if calibrated and setup correctly.

L1 runs on the current HW, and we have no plans to replace AQ6 or ESC32 anytime soon. In fact we will probably very soon release some new addons for the controller, so stay tuned.
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