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Yes, I do still cut foam cores once in a while. The issue's come to be finding foam. Can't find it in the local DITY stores. I used to watch the side of the highway during my work commute for the odd blocks blown off trucks, but even that supply is beginning to dwindle now that I'm retired. No, I won't get a new job, just for the foam!

I have one of those "Hands-Off' cutters, complete with triac (?) gadgetry power supply. It worked okay for cutting tapered cores, up until the belts rotted about a dozen years ago (not suprising, since I bought the gizmo around 1985.). Now, I pull the cores through by hand, trusting on my judgement to pull them through evenly.

I use slow-curing epoxy for the wing sheeting. I've used wing sheeting tape (really light -- I can make a foam wing with it that's lighter than a built-up one, but hot sunny days wreak havoc with the adhesion!). I tried contact cement...once. Murphy makes sure someone always interrupts me when I'm doing a "you've only got one shot at it" chore, so I refuse to use it any more.

For most models bigger than about 2 lbs, I use 1/16" balsa; for smaller ships, I use 1/32" balsa. Since they're my own designs, there isn't anyone else I can blame when I wind up with a wood size I can't find for the LE or TE.

BTW, the Ulu Mk III is done. Power 15 on a 3S2200, it came in at a hair under 44 oz. for a 432 sq. inch fully-symmetrical foam wing. I'll post and send pictures in a bit -- my netbook's hard drive died, so I'm borrowing Micki's to do my socializing until my new HD comes in.

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