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hey Gizzo, with all that money he has, he can afford as many vowels as he likes!

I don't think I have ever been jealous of any person, and certainly not of some random who sprouts how well off he is and how big his wine cellar is. I'm simply responding to attitudes of yourself and the "real man" Both of you came in here to do nothing but to sprout what you think is important.....yourselves. That's not what this place is about.

You know nothing about the servos you are trashing in this thread. You know nothing about human rights violations if you think buying "brand name" only will stop it, and you are being hypocritical as you fly cheap Chinese made foamies made by the same type of factory you just had a go at. This has nothing to do with tall poppy syndrome, jealousy or any other label you try and put on me and others.

btw, I never like seeing a plane go in, even some cheapy, it was a joke toward someone I consider a joke. He came in to do nothing but troll, so I had some fun with him. I know a few guys who fly some incredible scale jets and would hate to see them crash.....but then again, they aren't egotistical jerks either.

I look forward to seeing some photos of your first jet when you get to that point. There is not much cooler in RC plane world than a jet tearing the sky a new one. Just do us a favour, don't fly it like a pussy doing nothing but circuits....there is already enough of those guys out there......
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