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Doing banked turns with a quad requires skill and discipline and all 4 functions. It's easier with a CP heli, but you still need to use the same skills... just a little differently. I fly a quad like a stunt plane, doing aileron turns. With a quad, you bank a turn with a lot of aileron and elevator, some throttle to maintain altitude and a touch of rudder to hold the heading. CP helis aren't much different. There's absolutely no difference in forward flight that I've noticed. I suppose at some point on the skill ladder the differences may feel more pronounced. But, I haven't reached that point and probably never will. I confess that I have not reached the skill level where I can do a banked turn with a quad in a confined space. I still need at least twice the room I need to do it with a heli. I have a friend who can do banked turns with an MQx in about 10' (I hate him). Basically, the quad gives you instant response and tons of movement authority, both of which are great practice for a CP heli.
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