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Hello Chris
Welcome to RCG.
Interesting question.Im guessing that by saying "weather balloon of some sort" your in pre planning stages.There are going to be alot of things to consider.If you are looking for a stable platform you are going to need a minimum of 3 tethers.
At 250ft up your going to need at least over 1000ft of line whatever you use.You may even want 4 points of tether to be stable.It will need enough extra lift to keep the tethers tight enough to be stable.How long do you plan on leaving it up? What kind of wind will you design for? If it is going to up long term you will probably want a way to keep the envelope inflated as it will have leakage over time.Something that high is probably going to require some kind of visual collision avoidance system and possibly approval and registration of the site same as if you put up a tower.Last thing you want is for an aircraft to fly into the lines.I guess you need to rough out what all equip you will want on the platform itself and a proposed material for the tethers and add up all the weight to get a rough idea how big of a balloon you are going to need.
Then work the numbers for potential expected wind and necessary strength of the tether system.A plan B to get it down and secured if you get unexpected wind/weather beyond your design limitations.
There are alot of things to consider.Not sure what dept. you are doing this out of but it would probably be a good idea to get collaboration with the engineering dept. Then theres budget. It sounds like you need to assemble a team with ppl who have strong points on each of the aspects that are going to need to be applied to make something like this work safely.
Sounds like a fun project.Best of luck.
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