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Originally Posted by chilipecker View Post
I'm building an 86" span Bearcat, it's a fiberglass fuselage with foam core wings.
I really HATE the balsa sheeting, then glass cloth covering process...the time and money mostly.
I saw this Liquid Sheeting stuff. Looks like a really good idea? If I understood the video at the Wow Planes site, I can prime directly over the foam with Latex paint, then apply several coats of Liquid Sheeting, sand off the gloss and finish with my color paint....No expensive balsa sheeting, no glass cloth and resin!!!

I've read thoughts and theories about it, would love to hear if anyone Has anyone built BIG wings using this method????
The Liquid Sheeting is really Styrospray 1000. I have tried it and it worked OK on a HABU 2 foam fuselage, It didn't want to hold to the wings. I eventually stripped it off. It has no inherent strength or grain structure like balsa or fiberglass cloth. I would not advise using it as substitute. Plus, the techniques demonstrated is a learned skill. The Liquid Sheeting / Styrospray 1000 does not flow as evenly as you would think. It requires some TLC to come out smooth.
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