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Originally Posted by nfhill View Post
As long as the NAZA fully works, you're probably OK. But what do you do when some part of it stops working well? Personally, I think anyone that flys anything should start by learning basic flying skills with a minimal FC. An out of control multi that can Carry a NAZA is a killing machine.

The very best FC'ers ever made also fail sometimes. Instead of choosing to be like the pilots of an Airbus that killed several hundred people because they were so dependent on their FC that they forgot how to fly, wouldn't it be better to actually know how to fly the aircraft?
Or dial it back another step, remove the accelerometers and gyros, and fly like a real man

Anyway, manual mode won't always save your butt. Too often control is lost to the point where a switch in modes won't help. Where nothing helps.

What's really needed is a quad that won't collide with things and that stays put when the hands are off the controls. Anyone could fly that safely - even a blind person.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find out how very pilot friendly the NAZA M is. I'm learning to fly on an APM 2.5 flying in stabilize - and it wants to wander if I take my hands off the stick (yeah - I'm tuning it). There is an APM acro mode, similar to NAZA's manual mode - but the APM manual says acro is for experts, and says stabilize mode is for normal flight and as well as being the suggested goto recovery mode.

NAZA manual and APM acro modes are becoming specialty modes.
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