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Originally Posted by Dolby View Post
Have you flown MK and WKM, if not it may be worth a try? I've flown and own all 3 and although I'd love HF to be number one it would be my last choice of the three especially with the firmware mess when they launched their GPS board. It was months before my board was usable again and I just moved on. On WKM I find the POI feature very helpful when doing a 1 man operation. I like that I can have the copter fly a circled point of interest and then control the camera while the copter is flying its pattern. Although now I mainly do up close industrial inspections which the GPS on the WKM has proven to be best so far. I can get with in 6' of an object and not worry about bumping in, I use a sonic sensor that overlays in my OSD just to make sure but havent had a problem yet in 7 - 8 meters/s winds.

The smooth height hold of the WKM and MK are what do it for me when shooting video. HFP especially in windy conditions you need to fight the throttle a little more, you can still get the same result but requires a lot more work and focus.

Either way I'd love to see more advancement from HFP in their FC. They are a great bunch of people.
Yes, I have flown them all and as far as actual production filming the hoverfly FCB provides the smoothest video out of them all, in my experience. Take a look at my demo reel if you would like to see why i feel this way.

Take Golf Courses for example, when flying down an entire hole for production use, it need to be nearly in real time therefor the multi needs to fly fast and the hoverfly is the only one ive used and seen that can perform that task.
Im not saying that at this moment in time Hoverfly has everything working better then everyone else but simply saying that for actual production use, its the best, in my option.

There is obviously no reason to argue on what our personal feelings are along with different flying styles and we can simply agree to disagree on this matter.

Sorry to clutter your thread Al and congratulations!
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