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new to the forum. my first post.

I actually have a ZR Z101. Since it is supposedly a clone of the 9116, I thought I post here. I had a hard time trying to keep it airborne. I noticed that the servo movements do not affect the blades too much and this probably explains that I am not getting much cyclic movements.

Examining the swashplate, I noticed that the swashplate can move freely up and down the shaft - is this normal? If I try to fix the swashplate to the shaft (using my fingers) and then move the servos, I see a much improved blade response.

On a side note, I have the same problem with everyone else with the Z101, namely the transmitter is in mode 4. I have the 9116 PCB and 2.4GHz transmitter on order and will be replacing the PCB on the Z101.


Looks like I am not the only noticing that the swashplate is not moving enough to get any performance out of these 9116/Z101 units.

Here is a guy that did a mod to limit the movement of the swashplate up and down the shaft:


Here is another:

Double Horse 9100 swashplate mod (0 min 34 sec)

Hope this benefits someone else.

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