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Originally Posted by Steve_ View Post
There is no "beating around" a CP 250. They tolerate absolutely zero
contact with anything. A tail strike usually means a new belt and blades.

A main blade strike usually means a link at the least, and feathering shafts
and blades are easily damaged.

Parts are expensive, and much more involved to replace.

This is why I like my 9116 so much. The fact that I can fly it into a wall and
then set it upright and resume flying is worth all the time I put into it.
I know that. It would be worth to me, easy to find parts when I did crash and as long as I don't crash, they should last a lot longer. Better made etc..

I think I got a dud with this one. What part numbers were on your motors? Mine is a 9097 b motor for the 9097 coaxial heli. The segments of the commutator have some nasty carbon burn marks in the trailing edges. No glue used to hold the magnets tight. They stripped a mounting screw which required me to remover the motor top that holds the brushes so that I could pull all that out to punch the stripped screw out from that side against a bench.
SysCrusher is online now Find More Posts by SysCrusher
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