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Originally Posted by hot glue View Post
I bought a Walkera V100D08 for 80 bucks used on Ebay with a Devo 7. It was my first heli. Ive had it for a week or two now. I skipped the trainer and simulator and went straight at it Ive enjoyed the challenge to get this thing off the ground. All I can do is hover a few feet off the ground, but have really enjoyed it. I still havent gotten the courage to fly in any direction, but that will come. I do like the toughness. My dad had a Eflight Blade cp pro a few years ago. We could never get it off the ground. Parts (especially blades) were always being replaced. I have smacked this micro into a lot of things, and no bent or broken parts

I want another I like the micro size because I can fly it in my house, but I want a bigger. 250-450 size is what Id like. I can agree that Walkera has been my "gateway drug".
Lol, yeah, sounds familiar....

If you're going to go bigger, I'd suggest the 450 size, i've heard the 250's are a real pita to work on. The tarot frames are good, and there is a whole host of electronics or different gyros you can use. If you have the devo7 controller already, you can get a basic receiver and use it with any of the gyros. I'm using my walkera 2801 tx with a 450 3gx and it works pretty well.

Oh, kdean, i did give it a try with turning up my motor speed like you suggested to get rid of the tail wag but no luck there... Then today I just swapped out the entire tail section with my known working heli with the tarot frame and that seemed to do the trick, so it's one of those parts.

I put the working heli back together. Then on the 3gx I noticed the tail slider was sticking a little bit, and oil didn't help, so I just used some spares from my spare bin and changed out the tail slider and the tail grips. Waiting on the loctite to dry and have my fingers crossed that fixed it. I'm glad it's not the tail servo though!!
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