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Originally Posted by ricoalonso View Post
Whatever trims and subtrims you had in your aircraft before the Guardian 2d/3D was installed, should remain BUT, you need to let the Guardian know about it by doing the Reset Trim procedure as detailed in the Guardian manual. The same procedure should be done after everytime the amount of trim/subtrim is changed. The Guardian's Reset Trim procedure is to tell the Guardian that your neutral sticks postion contains some trims to add into considerations and NOT to interprete that amount of trim/subtrim as a command to turn or elevate.

As for your master gain affecting the control surface deflection as you change it, it could be caused by not doing the Reset Trim procedure and the Guardian is currently interpreting any trim as a command. Try performing the Reset Trim procedure first and see what happens. I know there are a few other ways this can happen depending in what mode (ie: 2D or 3D HH) you are in but let's do this one step at a time.
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Thanks for your help I will get back to the aircraft and see what is required to sort the trims etc.
Just put it back in a test plane My problems seem to stem from putting the unit upside down, and also that the unit seemed a bit reluctant to take a trim reset properly in this position. I have since put it the right way up and all the problems I had went away. I also don't recommend using velcro it seems to be able to shift about when held with velcro, but that may depend on types and quality of the tape. I now have it held with double sided tape.
The plane flys very well, I am not too sure about 2 d mode but 3 d is awesome fun. There is still a great deal of flying to be done but up to now all is good. I would like to thank you and all others for their help on this forum, I really like this product seems to work well and is easy to dial in in the air. 1 thought though i think a hardcase on the unit may be a bit better.


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