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I suppose your point is we don't usually believe the quoted discharge ratings -- or at least, if we do, we don't usually continually run at them -- so why should we believe the quoted charge rate?

Personally, I don't. Which is why I keep saying that 1C charge is kinder to the battery I also don't discharge at more than about 12C in any of my models -- even edf -- even though all of my batteries are rated for 25C and over.

But there is certainly enough anecdotal evidence on this forum that cells rated for xC can be charged safely at xC provided a good quality balance charger is used. In fact, I think many manufacturers make that qualification about the charger when they quote charge rates higher than 1C.

Maybe manufacturers are more careful when specifying charge rates because of the potential consequences if the battery vents and flames during charge. If the battery can't live up to its discharge C rating, often it simply means that it won't deliver the amps, so you don't get maximum power. If it does vent and flame due to going over its discharge C rating, at the worst you usually only lose a model, not a house or car.

Disclaimer: Before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm only saying what I do and believe. I'm not recommending that everyone must keep to 1C charge and 12C discharge if their batteries are capable of more
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