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Originally Posted by Esevilaa View Post
Making the quad look different or bigger is fun as well. Pool noodles or the halloween costumes people have made.

But the spray can would be good, wether it be silly string or hornet spray. Or one of those aerosol loud horns.

The lighter and aerosol trick would be good for burning down wasp nests! A flyable flamethrower.

But id love to see a silly string vid!
And wasp nests are generally found attached under what? Ohh .. the eaves of your home you say Flame thrower .. very bad idea. Last year some guy down in Ukiah was killing spiders in his crawlspace (California basement) with a blowtorch .. burned his house down .. spider problem solved

Now shooting silly string could be fun .. except for the clean-up .. the freakin' wasps would probably use it for building material though .. lol. Where I live, it's the underground nests that are so dang hazardous .. cause they're found accidentally

Probably use Jeff Dunham's Walter or Achmed to pilot the sedecopter .. they both got attitudes

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