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Originally Posted by heinz57zuk View Post
Not sure what happened yesterday, but I put a voodoo mustang (stock) up for its maiden. Was flying beautifully and then I lost control for about 4 seconds. I gained control back just in time before it would have hit a block wall. It slowly spiraled down while there was no control. Then, I was making a practice approach to land and was too hot. So, I made a go around. Picked up some good altitude and started to circle for the landing. NO SIGNAL AGAIN! It made a slow spiral again and no power. This time it was for over 6 seconds. I count it as my lucky day as it was free flying for a long time and didn't hit anything. It landed on its own with only a broken prop and the cowling broken, but easy fix. I finally got power back after it landed. The AR500 Full range receiver was solid. I turned off my radio and back on. The reciever took 2-3 seconds to reboot, but came back on solid. Shouldn't it flash due to loss of signal? A brown out, I could almost understand, but this was a blatant loss of siganl for a very extended period of time.
The AR500 gave me nothing but problems, and it is not worth the risk to run them.

I had one in my Extra 300 and it browned out causing the plane to go in a dive on final, and it recovered only inches above the grass. I flew again for another week with no problems, then all of a sudden it went into a dive at about 50ft and would not pull out and none of the controls would respond.
It hit the ground at full power.

So after that I sent the recieve to Spektrum to get it tested and they replaced it with a new AR600 instead.

I did some research and found the AR500 had alot of problems. There was even a guy at one of the float flys going around taking names of people who had AR500 malfunctions to prove that there was a problem.

Either way I suggest sending it to spektrum to get looked at, because they will likely just replace it with an AR600 like they did for me. I find they are a very good company for stuff like that.

Even better, have your local hobby shop do it for you, and they will be even more likely to replace it. Also don't run that RX in any planes, because that is likely one of the ones from the batch where they had problems.
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