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hitec 5055s twitching


First of all I'm new to CP helis, but have clocked in decent flight time with FP helis and quadrotors. This is my first post here as you can tell, but I have been following this thread for a long time since getting my Master CP. It is with much thanks to this thread that I have learnt a lot from you folks here.

Ok, to my question...

I too swapped out to Hitec servos early on.

Reversed the servos using the HFP-21 programmer, did my best to reset the swashplate et al.

Problem is, right after that, I now have a weird behavior that effectively grounds my Master CP.

With the motors disconnected, while holding and tilting the heli in my hand and setting 50-70% throttle, the gyro will cause the servos to attempt to correct and level the heli - as it should, I suppose. However, the Hitec servos will not completely do so, and the best way I can describe this is that they end up 'twitching' its way to their gyro-set positions.

Pushing the cyclic stick around gives me the same results... the servos twitch their way to the commanded positions, but never quite get there and stay in that 'spasming-chicken' mode.

Setting the gyro gain on my Devo 7 Tx to less than 50 (aux2 knob < 12 o'clock) eliminates the twitch, but also does away with the gyro stabilisation corrections. That didn't turn out well at all, when I tried a low hover with no gyro stabilisation...

At first i thought my ESC burnt out one of the 7805 voltage regulators burnt in a crispy patch off the heat shrink shield of the ESC but changing the ESC didn't do the trick; the same spasming-chicken servo behavior.

Before I put in an order for a new Rx, can any kind soul here share any advice as to whether my Rx has gone toast, or is it simply a case of bad Tx settings?

@scornflake, do you have your Hitecs acting the same way too? I've never had much success ever since I did the 'upgrade'.

(Still waiting for my metal gear walkera servos to troubleshoot this... I wonder if it's just because the Hitecs simply don't work well with the Walkera Rx. Fixed ID is not working for me ever since I installed my 5055s, too)

Best regards
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