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Originally Posted by PDX Slope Pilot View Post
One word on the clear templates for positioning the flap/aileron servos...I did this on my Fosa and found that the servo opening on my second wing was positioned ever so slightly different than the first wing. This caused binding problems when I installed the second flap servo. I ended having to shorten the flap wiper arm by 1,5mm at the coupler joint to eliminate the binding. The take away for me was to make sure I take measurements of everything first before I glued in the frames.

On another note, Tim, I noticed you said you just glued the wiper arms to the coupler. Did you mock up everything with the coupler and arm on the servo to center the wiper arm? I would think you would need to sub trim your surfaces to zero them out if this step was skipped?


Hey Victor,

Yeah, I think my pockets were actually in a little bit different of a position too. So it would be prudent to measure everything before you committed. But I think its also important to put the working servo in first and let it verify its sweet spot. But the clear templates should help you with getting the angles to match for each side.

To answer your question on the trimming, since this coupler doesn't have a particular position, you didn't have to worry about doing any of the servo zeroing with the coupler on. I just zeroed everything and left it on before I connected it while in the pocket. You have to connect it in the pocket because on this plane there is not enough room to get the full frame + servo + coupler + rod in when they are all connected. So, I put the frame in, then slide the coupler assembly (with rod) in and press the bearing in, then put the servo in and slide it on the coupler splines...

To answer your other question, I knew where the pocket was from my penciled lines, and if I laid the entire assembly over the top, I could see that there was plenty of length to make it to the center of the pocket, so I went ahead and glued the rod in.
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