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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
BTW, now that you've flown it a couple times, aren't you hankering to add a set of landing gear,
and rudders, and load it down with 20Ah worth of battery?

lol Not so much! Before the first flight I wanted landing gear, simply because it felt heavy enough I was nervous about hand launching it the first time. Standing there holding it before the first flight, it felt like I was about to see how far I could shot-put a brick. Then when I powered it up and it tried to leave my hand, that I thought "Dang this thing wants to fly!" lol Once I threw it I was laughing to myself how I was worried about it. It's easier than launching either of my wings. I'm confident I could throw it pretty easily with two 4S 5000s in it, and might try it one day just to see. I can fit 4 of them in the fuse, but the CG will be too far forward. With my heavy camera setup sitting right on the nose, the single 5000 4S is sitting under the leading edge of the wing, about half of it us under the tray inside. I could slide two back a little bit and keep it balanced, but putting two more in the nose would need a fair amount of weight in the tail to balance it. I already have the tail group all the way back on the booms.

So in short, 10Ah sounds fun, 20Ah sounds like a lot of reconfiguring and more flight time than I care to use! lol On the two flights so far, they were a little short of 20 minutes and used about half a single battery.

By the way, I'm editing some HD video from todays flight right now... Will upload it tonight, but it takes a while on my slow DSL out here in the sticks. (256Kbps upload) Will post it when it's done!
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