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She Flies !!!

Took the new plane out for her maiden voyage into the skies today!

So, funny thing happened on the way to her first flight. Remember how I said that for some reason my kit didn't come with a servo tray, so I built my own?

Well, It turns out that wasn't true. It just happened to be wedged deep in the fuse and I didn't realize it! I was getting her ready to fly, and when I was putting the joiner on the fuse, I noticed the tray had come loose. At first my heart dropped and I thought that it was my tray that had come loose, so I quickly took off the nose cone, and low and behold, my servo tray was still in place. Then I realized what had happened...funny! Hmmm...ok, it wasn't going to come out easy, but it couldn't foul up anything mechanical and after thinking more about it, there really was no harm in leaving it there for now...

So, I went ahead without doing anything about it. At the expert advice of US Team member and friend/mentor Tom Kiesling, we went ahead and put it on the winch for the first flight. I had the settings the same as my other pike, and the trims seemed reasonable...what could go wrong?

So, being prepared to push forward, and triple checking all of the control surface directions, up the line she went!!! Yeee haw!!!

And oh she flew great!

Up the line with no problems! Bucket, zoom, and push over the top. Beautiful day in SoCal as you can see from the pics.

A couple of trim flights, and then we proceeded to practice speed runs. I loaded about 50% of the ballast in her cause conditions were pretty good. On her fifth flight ever, I did a 15.99 speed run! oh yeah! Followed that up with many 16's and my fastest of the day a 15.90, which happened to be the fastest time of the day by the three of us. Although I know that if Tom could have gotten a few more runs, he probably would have hit some good air and bested it...

But man this plane is great! Even with an extra servo tray floating around in the middle of it...

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