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What do I edit.

I would like to edit this post so it does not violate any rules but I do not see anything wrong with it.
It is not an obnoxious post and it was not posted in multiple forums.
It was pertinent to the thread topic. I made 2 posts in this thread related to the topic and 2 asking a few people to stop the numerous confrontational attack posts, a serious problem in the HK forum that the Mods ignore. Porcia83 posted 9 confrontational mocking posts aimed at me, but you did nothing. I post my comments pertaining to the thread and I get warned. Why?
I asked you to explain your comment to me about posting in the HK forum but you refused to give me an answer. Am I allowed to post in all threads like all other members or am I restricted? Other members post far more than I do.
Please tell me what has to be edited in this post or does it have to be removed completely. I see no valid reason for the warning.

I thought RCG doesn't allow a confrontational debate style. My post is warned for Trolling but this is not???
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