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I filed a PayPal dispute with Value Hobby, and two days later I received another reply from them on my support ticket. Here's the reply:

Hi. We can offer an exchange if you send it back. Although I think it's not fair to ask that we have to help you setup your board as well considering it's a $35 board. Anyways, that's my opinion.
Here's my reply:

Thank you for offering to exchange it. I will send it back Monday.

However, I don't feel that what I asked over the phone was unreasonable. And, I don't care how much the item costs, if you sell it you should support it. I didn't ask you to go through the entire setup process with me -- I figured that out completely on my own (considering the fact it came with NO instructions). I was having a problem with it, and never having used one, I wanted to make sure the flight characteristics I was receiving were not indicative of a programming error. I own an RC business myself and would never treat my customers in this way. By selling products that are faulty and then not offering quality support, you are not earning a good reputation on the forums.
Although they are finally offering to exchange the product, this is very poor customer service, IMO.

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