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Originally Posted by crashtested View Post
Ok , Date Saved.
I am going to try and make myself available extensively prior to the meet.
I would love to meet there before to talk setup anytime sooner even.

I am so close, i can help with whatever setup i can including RACE course testing...!
May have to get a head start on Ken to have a chance...

Im thinking of building some PVC pylons also.
10' stock pipe with a large plywood base, sandbagged...
we can try some straight up FPV pylon racing... even do two person races if we can organize video frequencies... ...?

Any of you N.E.R.D's can reach me with needs or ideas:
(im usually up until about 2am... usually awake with kids at about 7am... so anytime!)

Also... if anyone thinks MRR has a serious future... i am going to start allocating funds to possible PRIZES for season, or even meet winners in racing to up the ante for people to push their fpv ships towards the end of the season. what would you think about that? At some point im sure i could pull sponsors once videos start spreading after race frequency builds around the country.
Thanks Andy
Its going to be here shortly, and I think there is going to be some setup required. Ken is going to be tough, but Boris (man1024) is going to be the one to beat. He only flies FPV, no LOS...
I was thinking of pool noodles, with short dowels or re-bar stuck in the ground. It would be easier on video equipment than PVC. We could even join 2-3 together to make an arch to fly through.
Flew an old tricopter today for the first time in about 2 years, It may be my racer. I'm going to cut the arms shorter and install smaller props. I was surprised at the power it had.
I also made a cable to allow my transmitter module to be placed on the roof of my car. Now just need to make a harness for the 13"TV and video receiver to run from the cars cigarett lighter and I'm all set. I'll have to make a big helipad H for the hood of the Subaru !

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