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Absolutely do not use a power washer on stucco!!!!!! (Unless your standing 60 ft away with the misting nozzle....) You will eat that stucco up in a heartbeat!

Just got back from Marquette, MI.......loaded up the car and hooked up the trailer to go pick up the new shower unit replacement unit while dropping my wife off at the airport to pick up her mother's car that she left there earlier in the week. Driving on ice covered roads hides things you guys would never a bad wheel bearing........when we finally got on ice-free pavement some 65 miles from home the trailer started galloping after us!!! You see any type of ugliness like that never shows up when the roads are ice-covered......the tire just slips along and never develops resonance.....well to make matters worse the axle happens to be from the front end of an old vehicle with the steering arms welded in place and the tie rod still in place for good measure, right? Well, all the stress of a bad wheel bearing broke free the weld on one side and compounded the problem. (I bought this trailer a few years back for cheap and I should have known that whoever welded the cast........probably didn't do it right.) Remember it's -11 degrees out besides.......I couldn't find a parts store for the bearing so I cleaned what was left and repacked the bearing in Lowes parking lot.......then I took a ratcheting tie-down and pulled the errant tire back into alignment made it home and now my wife thinks I'm MacGyver! The kids were impressed as well..........all I have to say is my prayers have been getting a lot of attention these past few weeks!!!! Now I just need to see if the acrylic/fiberglass unit survived the sub-zero ride back..........I'll wait until it warms up to unwrap that package!

So I'm muttering under my breath how my life is one fiasco after another......when my wife smiles at me and says: "Adventure honey, not fiasco!" What a woman!
snowman is online now Find More Posts by snowman
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