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Let me tell you my best part. Just before the last round, All Up Last Down, JonL was telling Alex Taylor that if he lived his life all over again and added up the years, that he still wouldn’t have many years as “Old Jim” (me).

We started the last round and JonF called for me. My first flight was ok I guess, I can’t remember. Then on the second flight JonF directed me over to some good lift. The lift had been spotty and light in the last part of the day. I found the lift and began to circle and on each circle my Vandal kept climbing. Jon kept telling me to lengthen out on the downwind leg, and I kept climbing. I had launched from the back of the pack so to speak and all the other guys had gone straight up wind so they didn’t notice me climbing back there. Then JonF started snickering and someone noticed and let out the alarm, but it was too late. They couldn’t get to what was one of the better thermals of the day. To my great surprise the other guys all came down while Jon helped me burry those young wiper-snappers. Revenge is so sweet.

I started walking off the field when Mike told me there was still one more flight. I must have thought the second coming had arrived and it was all over, but I got in one more round that wasn’t so spectacular. My best experience yet. Thanks to Jon Finch.
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