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Mad, that really sucks about the boat. Likely one of those rigs you would only ever find by accident. I'll have a gander when I got a chance.

Nice pics again Chi. You see the thing about areas where you get all sorts of different weather conditions, you need new toys for each of them. At least that's the excuse I would use

Anyways, I wanted headers for the boat so went and had a look for the losi ones and forgot how pricey they are! I know it's not really that much but still nearly half the price(once shipping added) of the original boat. So before I bought some I told myself I would try make some.

I have some brass tube kicking about so got the bender out and gave it a shot. Here's my first attempt. I still have to trim them, merge them into one larger output and I'll paint them but I think they turned out good for 5 quid worth of parts(for both) and a bit of time which I enjoy doing.
Tiernan85 is online now Find More Posts by Tiernan85
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