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New guy with a Robird G31 going on a KDS700V2

Hello all
Finally have the unit (G31) in hand and some of what I have been reading here is starting to make sense.

I will start with a couple pic's to ask if anyone sees any issues with my selected mounting locations for the electronics ??

Name: SANY0664.jpg
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ESC, SBEC and Rec. pack.
Name: SANY0665.jpg
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G31 and Rec.

If I have it right, I will connect ail.+ele. from receiver to G31 using all 3 wires (+,-,s), this is the (6V)power supply to the swash. Gyro and col.(aux1 on receiver)use signal only.
Then rec. rudder to srx2/rud on the G31 (3 wires).This is rud. signal and additional required power supply. The tail servo (Futaba 9254) plugs into the G31 port with an inline volt.reg.
6V power supply to the rec. is from an SBEC fed by a 3S 1000mah lipo.

Additional questions if anyone knows.
> I have the RPM sensor but do not see where or how to hook it up. Is there any purpose to this other than gov. control ie: is it recorded. I do not intend to use the govenor as I have no experience with them and have done OK in the past using throt. curves. I fly mild 3D no smack.
>The sat.receivers are 3 conductor connections. Can I solder up a "Y" harness and use 2 sat's into the single receiver port?? (ie: 3 receivers) Sounds good but I don't know enough about electronics to know if it will work.
>Opinions on the "Orange" receivers?? I have an AR7000 I could swap out of a glider. It's a bit of work but this KDS700 is by far the most $$$ I have ever put into 1 bird.

Sorry about the lengthly post and all the Q's. I am a FBL rookie

Thanks in advance for any help.
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