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Originally Posted by BThirsk View Post
find the potentiometer for the servo you wish to reverse.
You will see 2 wires, on to one side and one at the center. On the opposite side, there is an open terminal. Remove the outside wire and resolder it to the terminal on the opposite side. It is then reversed.
Thanks Brent, a great help for someone who knows what he's looking for... I unfortunately don't

I googled potentiometer to get some pics and meantime THINK that the potis are the things to the right and bottom of the stick housing with black, red and yellow wires on them (if you zoom in on the pics you can see them very well).

If this is correct:

1. how do I find out which one I want to change? I think probably the one at the bottom, as it seems to be attached to the lateral rocker mechanism.

2. exactly which wires do I want to move, as it's not quite clear to me from the description? Do I just move the black (outside?) wire up to the free terminal above it, do I move the black and yellow wires, or do I move all three?

If these are not the potis, can somebody please describe where on the picture they are?

Appreciate it guys.
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