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what nigel says is so true that the radar gun requires a straight on moving object such as a baseball,tennis swing or i get better at flying low passes with the parkjet a fellow pilot might get it's readings safely and some of the best gun readings were on larger rc planes both coming or going away from me. i wish i'd bought the gps unit from hobbyking thats small and light for onboard readings. cost $70+shipping but hasn't been in stock for many months.[over 6 months]

the pitot tube is a good way to go for $40 but i'v pinwheeled landings with the pkj's and broke the tube,replacement is only $11 for the tube but on the last crash the reader inside the fuse got damaged. i may consider the eagle tree again when i get more successful flights on the jets

rcspeedo on my android phone will be my next effort to get speed results. i can set the phone away from my standing on the flight line and get multible runs in both directions. who knows,i may even hear the vocal speed as i fly by if it's not to far out in the field. i'v tested the rcspeedo app on videos and it's working right, i just have to wait for warmer weather and a chance to fly alone at the club field when no one is running glow motors at the tables or talking to loud so to interfear with the apps performance.

when flying the funjet,pkj's.and stinger for speed i'll use the radar gun also if i have someone else along who knows how to point it right,along with a gopro silver mounted to a headband strap mount so i can video the flights,and the phone app. what worries me is i may record nice speeds with my phone app and others try to doppler the video i provide and get different readings alas,we soon will know what speed the pkj 4850kv on 3cell,and the older more beat up pkj dons wicked3000 on 4cell records......i seriousely don't expect to break any records but will post all results with videos to document all results.

one thing is for sure,the funjet ultra on headsuprc 450powerup "jet" brushless on 4cell is sedate flying compared to the pkj4850........and the dons 3000 is a total rush to keep in the air......thats the one i can't wait to record 125mph or better.

nigel,looking forward to the pkjt's maiden my friend and do go easy first time out with the throttle......i realize now more than ever that my biggest problem with the dons 3000kv on 4cell was way to much throttle straight off the bungee launch.
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