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Originally Posted by finguz View Post
What's so 'almost ready to fly' about having to build it and source electronics? I thought arf and pnp were basically the same.

I got my nano and um stryker. I feel like I hit the micro lottery. One flight so far on the nano, and it's nice, I really like the size (has 2 batts, and extra eflite batts are $5, Amain's protek is $3.19 or something). The tail seemed solid on turns and everything but it also wagged a little so I'll have to see why. The stryker I'm yet to charge a battery... wondering what my dx7s settings should be, throws and whatnot.

Actually batt prices for the um stryker at HH were half the cost of Amain. Cheapest I found for that exact batt. Even cheaper than Amain's proteks or whatever.
I have only had about 6-7 planes in the past. So I'm by no means a plane guru. But my take on arf's is it usually takes about 7-12 hours to get one built and flying capable. PNP & RTF are pre built with electronics included and set in place. Arfs are not. Hence the Rhapy kit only costing $160. The more i go thru this kit the more I'm finding i need to buy on the side. All said & done looks to be about $500.
So hows it going with your new Nano ? are you flipping around in your living room yet or keeping it simple at this point ? I bet those make for some great trainers. Much better then a boring Sim. lol
Settings for your new styrker: it's a very popular plane. Have you checked for a thread on it in the plane forums ? ( I'm sure you have )

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