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Finally got to do some actual building - not much but at least it starting to look like something - a Boat?!?

The front bottom is the hardest part to build cuz it holds all the gear and the battery slider. I really should learn how to use some form of fancy computer CAD cuz my ole mark 1 brain is getting a real work out trying to visualize where all the parts have to go - I occasionally forget to allow room for little things like access holes....

Total weight so far is 4 oz which is surprisingly light considering all the ply used for the gear mounts - this section is 2' long.

Got to test out the Eagle tree 3 axis gyro last night at indoor flying - what an awesome little device! I put it in a 3D biplane to see how well it would hold vertical and once I got the gains dialed in it was like the plane was hanging from a string - from the prop! I could make it go up and down using just the throttle - very weird to see. Should be the missing ingredient to vertical Shuttle launches that eluded me 7 years ago (well that and alot more power)
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