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Originally Posted by FourProps View Post
You mean which F/C do I use? MK and DJI Wookong-M on Cinestar and Droidworx frames.

I've owned and flown H/F, neither the autolevel or altitude hold can compare to either Mk or DJI, nothing like paying for capabilites on the Hoverfly that don't work right eh?

And how long have they been working on those features and they're still not 100% reliable? ... and in my experience the H/F is neither safe nor reliable, it was anything but that and I can refer you to numerous online postings from a lot of different people that will back that up, some of them even H/F fan boys like yourself.

Again the video is pointless, lets see what the camera is seeing if you really want to promote a product, not some wobbly remote recording from a GoPro that shows no detail at all.

There are plenty of videos out there with REDs flying under MK and DJI that DO show the camera point of view, that means more to me because it actually shows the stability of the flight controller.

I've also flown a sport board, the Open Pilot CC3D will fly circles around it, nothing special there but at least that one works as advertised. As far as videos, just search youtube for anything by Warthox or Juz and you'll see them fly a broad spectrum of varied flight controllers that will outperform the Sport. Odd but I don't recall seeing one of them flying an H/F Sport in any of their videos...
I think we can just agree to disagree since our flying styles are different and the usefulness of such features ive never found to add production value. Every producer ive worked with wants movement and the operator should be able to provide those capabilities and utilize those advanced features only when absolutely necessary.

Ive been providing ap and av services for nearly 10years and to honest with you, Ive never found AL or AH have ever been a useful tool for providing a client a shot. For safety reason i do find PH and RTH a necessary tool

I would agree that the GoPro footage could of been better but obviously they were not focused on filming behind the scene. Thats almost 100k flying in the sky and at least the ship is out in the field doing something.

Also it looks like there was a production camera that was filming the ship, maybe Al can get that footage
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