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Pointless post then, doesn't show anything useful about the capability of the multi and from what little can actually be seen of it it could be carrying a brick and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. If its meant to show that an Erista can carry a RED thats not anything earth shattering there are other large multis out there that are already doing that and theres nothing special about a rebranded Droidworx frame doing it either.
It might be pointless to you but not to me. This video shows the capability of flying around a EPIC which i have also done with a Hoverfly FCB. Let me ask you this, if you were asked to lift an epic, which FCB would you want to use, Hoverfly, DJI or MK? I know and have pretty much all FCB's and Hoverfly is the most solid as far as a safe and reliability and dammm is it so smoooothhhhh

Now with all that said, last time i check the GPS still needed a little work but i could be wrong and its now perfect..

Al is the president of Hoverfly which creates simply the best FCB on the market! I have yet to see the competitors best FCB keep up with even the Sport board from Hoverfly. Check out this video
FPV Speed Racer Quad - Tree Top Racing (8 min 21 sec)
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