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Originally Posted by Thai View Post
Ok seriously, I can't see what major differences there are between the 1SQ and X1. The X1 is almost 1/4 the price and the specs are almost identical, if not in favor of the X1. The X1 actually comes with a larger 350mah battery (compared to the 1SQ's 250mah). They both have a 3-axis gyro. 2.4ghz radio. This article is supposed to be a "review" so me questioning it's comparison with another is with merit. If it was an advertisement, then I wouldn't be so quick to take away it's thunder.
They are two different quads, they're not even the same size.

The X1 is bigger than the 1SQ, hence the bigger battery and props. I've flown both, and the X1 isn't nearly as agile as the 1SQ. The props on the X1 are gear reduced, where as the props on the 1SQ are directly mounted to the motor shafts. There are lots of little differences if you look, because they are two different quads. Plus I know that parts support for the 1SQ is unmatched.

All quads use a 3-axis gyro. Using that to say that two quads are the same is like saying a Toyota and a Ford are the same car because they both have wheels.
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