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Good prices, good support, good value

So I now order all from China and have it shipped by EMS. Lets cut right thru all the krap like "business models" and get to the truth. The GREED in North America (Yes I mean those who PREY on us consumers) such as we see from retailers and shippers is a thing of the past - its just that some of you have not really accepted the facts yet. But your limited cash resources WILL bring you die-hards to reality sooner or later (cheaper if earlier). Last week I had an order for balsa and airplane stuff shipped from the US to Canada - it cost $87.00 for shipping on an order of $123.00 ! The customs duty was only $9.00 (tax) and brought the total cost to get it here to $87 + $9 = $96.00 For that cost I could have shipped about 10 times that amount from China. One order of $949.00 cost me $47.00 to ship via EMS to Canada. Do the math - its an 11 hour flight and much handling to ship from China. Minimum cost you say? Thats shipping BS because they ship stuff in schedules by the ton and your shipment IS NOT treated as a lonely shipment ! Its just pure GREED. So, put the GREEDY's out of business - order directly from China ! Save your bucks to buy even more - especially at the great Chinese prices.
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