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Originally Posted by Tick Point View Post
On fiberglass planes, I use E6000. I don't know how well it sticks to wood
1. put blue tape on the top surface with 1/16" gap between flap and sub TE
2. flip over the wing and open up the flap to expose the 1/16" slit of the sticky side of tape,
3. use a syringe (w/o the sharp tip) and run a bead of E6000 along the hinge
4 brush the bead down to a very thin layer on the tape and a bit on the flap and the sub TE's
5. Wait 2 days to remove the tape (in a hurry, fly with the tape on.)

it leaves a durable hinge that's flush and tight.

maybe this isn't the real hinge you're looking for, but one I like.
This is a silicone-based adhesive, no? How well does it fare with so much sun exposure on an upper surface?

I've used a similar adhesive (Goop) for other applications, and noticed within several months it yellowed, and got quite a bit more rigid. Maybe E6000 is different (I've not used it yet), so thought I'd ask.
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