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Originally Posted by seeingeyegod View Post
.....So, I finally flipped mine today outside for the first time! Held an upside down hover for about 5 seconds, then flipped over again, then hit LVC, haha. Hyperion 160 must have gotten a little cold after charging it. I feel like I sorta know how to fly RC helicopters for real now, pretty exciting. I am probably going to try it inside now and screw up. Outside I took her up to about 30 feet in a stable hover in high rates, idle up, and gave her throttle and positive pitch and up elevator and did a back flip and gave it full negative and she flipped right over into an upside hover. Wasn't quite sure what to at that point, so I just pulled up again into right side up hover. Pretty amazing to do for the first time I say again.
Congrats on doing your first aerobatic maneuvers! I remember how that felt, as it wasn't all that long ago. How's your side-in & nose-in hovering?

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