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Originally Posted by hertzrepkeith View Post
Yeah this is the second brand new engine and am having the same exact problem. It seems like when I tune it just right I can get it to where it wants to stay running, but still is not right. I have isolated the problem directly to the engine.(I have a full 2 page list of things that I have did and tried, but I wont get into all of that. I do not have too many good things to say about this DLE 30 Engine.
Sorry to hear about your luck with this engine. I've had real good luck with my rear carb version right out of the box.

Sounds like you have done your research on how to fix it but it still isn't working for you.
I would think that if you had a proper seal on the carb, intake, and the reeds are sealing flat on their surfaces it should run OK.
Maybe check the float needle. I bent the little alum. arm that is spring loaded on mine while cleaning the carb and didn't notice it. It flooded and wouldn't start til I got back in there and straightened it back out. I just bent it back so it is basically straight across from the spring to the needle. Don't know if that is in speck or not but it worked and no issues so far.

I assume that you have also completely disassembled the carb and blew it all out with compressed air, etc.

I had my DLE 30 in a 72" Extra 330sc but on the second flight I lost a rec. and it went through some power lines, total loss of the airframe so now I'm waiting on a 71" Slick to put everything in. Should have it Monday.
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