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Originally Posted by beerassassin View Post
I've been trying out different sized lipos in an attempt to downsize the camera's battery and save a little weight.

first I tried a 30mAh 20C lipo. I heard a couple instances on the forum people using a 30mAh lipo with enough recording time to last 1 flight (5+ min). in my 2 attempts the recording only lasted around 45sec before the camera shut off. each battery was fully charged and fresh off the charger. the battery voltages afterwards were each around 3.95v.

next I tried a 70mAh 25C lipo. to my surprise the recording only lasted 40sec before the camera shut off. the battery voltage after was 4.14v.

could something else be at play here causing the camera to shut off early? some setting on the camera I could change? I don't see why the camera would've shut off if the voltage on the 70mAh was still that high.

it's mounted on my micro quad. I initially tried running the camera off the flight battery, but the camera only recorded 3 minutes before shutting off. I'd prefer use a second battery for the cam. ideally I'd like 7-10 min of recording.

btw the few grams really makes a difference, even with the 70mAh battery it flies like a fat cow.
BA, in all my recent videos I'm using a 90 mAh battery out of a Symma IR (I think I sent the link before). I have absolutely no problems with this battery running the full length of my runs. You're right about the weight. 3 grams shed off the quad itself makes it feel like a completely different quad.
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