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Originally Posted by Banjo5 View Post
Did you re-select the right model type after you upgraded the FW? Failing to do that seems to be a common source of problems. A.
Off course, this is what i did,

Quadrotor X selected
Esc Calibration Done again
Gyro Calibration done

PI Editor Pitch & Roll
P Gain 40
P Limit 30
I Gain 25
I Limit 20

PI Editor Yaw
P Gain 50
P Limit 20
I Gain 50
I Limit 10

Stick Scaling
Roll 30
Pitch 30
Yaw 50
Throttle 90

Min throttle 10
Height Dampening 0
Height D Limit 30

Self Level Settings
P Gain 80
P Limit 20
ACC Roll:0
ACC Pitch:0

I think that is a 1.5fw problem becouse i was using without problem the 1.2fw version.
Could be that the gyros are too sensitive at fast accelerations?

Someone using the KK with 1.5 in ACRO mode to do flips?
I can't.. i can't push my throttle up fast to take velocity to act a flip or the Quad crash like it lost 2 motors or something like that.
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