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Originally Posted by efx View Post
I went out today and tested the quad on the other frame. The signal was much, much better taping the antennas to the two arms to keep a bit of space between them. I also change the timing to medium on all escs. I think is the middle setting just to see if that would help, I really didn't notice any difference from this setting. I also changed the prop spin to 11 instead of the default 10. I noticed that if I'm below the middle stick, then the motors stopped so I needed to make sure I kept that in the middle or higher. This worked better once I figure that out. All other settings are on their defaults for the board. The only problem I had was when I moved the aileron quick from one side to the other, then the quad flipped on me again. I was on a hover and now I'm wondering what would cause a sudden move of the sticks to make it flip? So it looks like I'm still having a similar problem, but at least I now know it's not my esc's so the only two items left are the board or motors as those are the only parts I have not changed. I also noticed that if I used the kill switch I set up on the throttle switch like a heli, it screwed up the board. I had to reset the escs to make all motors work together again, so I'm trying not to use that. I just wanted to add extra safety to it, but I found this out.
You need to sort out your throttle range, so that zero throttle is off and motors start just above zero.
Maybe you need to adjust the Min throttle setting in the KK2 menu.

Moving Aileron stick full one way will make it roll over if you have a decent Stick scaling value and Self Level off , how else do you think you can do rolls and flips.

Are you sure your motors are capable of spinning an 11 inch prop, did you use a smaller pitch on the 11 inch to compensate for extra load on the motor.
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