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Originally Posted by Waldopepperaxe View Post
Just build a New garage It might be faster lol thats what I did to my crumbling garage
And My wife is doing Awesome at the quitting smoking thing, she quit Jan 7 and hasn't had one yet and I'm still alive I think, As for me I was going to quit when she did right after her b-day as I knew we were having a party that weekend. And then she said she quit, Call it an excuse call it a wimp out but there was no way on God's earth I was quitting the same exact time as her or someone would be truly injured. Most likely me. lol We tried that before and 2 bitter angry stressed people in the house is not a good thing luckily we had our daughter with us the last time we tried quitting together, Its just us now and no witnesses lol I'm giving her a months head start so I'm looking at the 2nd week in Feb as my start date.

That is a Joy for sure Kinda like a surprise Christmas morning lol

you guys look like a super hero team

Its all about the will and the fight. at any age but being younger definitely helps, Glad to hear things are improving even if slightly. Keep em strong willed.

David all you need on the bottom of a T40 is to zap a 1/4 x 1/4 or 1/2 x 1/2 Balsa Ply stick tapered towards the nose as a Single runner ski type thing make it go from a little behind the nose to about the rear landing gear and that will give you enough to protect the bottom. make sure your prop stops going east and west on the begining of the compression stroke when the engine shuts down, so when the engine stops the prop won't be stopped with one blade toward the ground. Hand launch is no problem at all.

Cool thank you

Sweet Video very cool I love space stuff

Looks like a good Coffee cup holder

Well the raider is finished just need to strap in a motor but its all ready to go other than that, so I'll pick out a scheme to add some flare but it can fly and no more of that Toughlon covering is on it thank God.
Cool thank you
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